Preparing for the Worst – Set Your Manifest Backup

There’s no question that in 2017 we rely on tech heavily throughout all aspects of our lives. Here at Limo Anywhere, we live and breathe it. We are constantly striving to ensure our users have the best possible experience.  Unfortunately, when any interruption occurs, our reliance on tech is tested. However, there are steps you can take to ensure you are prepared before a problem occurs by setting up system backup emails.

Users can set this up under My Office>Messaging & Template Settings>Email Res Manifest tab.

LA 1

You can set how often you would like to receive these alerts. You can also add up to three email addresses to receive the manifest.

LA 2

For a more detailed step-by-step guide, check out our how-to on Zendesk. We also have a tutorial video on YouTube. If you are still having any issues with setting up your backup, please give us a call at 888-888-0302, option 2, or email us with your company ID at [email protected]. One of our staff members would be happy to assist you.

While no one can anticipate everything that could possibly go wrong, we can at least help our users stay prepared. By taking these actions before there is an unexpected issue, you’ll have a backup in place and your drivers will know where they are supposed to be, even if access to Limo Anywhere is impeded.



7 tips for dealing with difficult customers

We’ve all heard the old cliché “the customer is always right.” However, as anyone who has ever worked in a customer service capacity will tell you, that’s definitely not true. Some patrons will be unnecessarily rude or find fault with impeccable service. Some may even get angry or aggressive. While it can be easy to lose your cool in such situations, it’s imperative to remember that the company’s reputation is on the line if you overreact. It’s also vital to know how to stay safe, should a violent confrontation ensue.

That’s why it’s so important to find effective communication-based strategies for dealing with difficult customers in a cool, calm and collected way. This is especially necessary for a limousine or livery business as most of your staff will be out on the road, dealing with customers in a one-on-one capacity. So check out the list of seven tips below and draw up a difficult customer strategy that can be implemented at the company-wide level. It’s time to learn how to deal with with disgruntled customers!

1. Make sure you listen.
An effective way to diffuse a situation and prevent it from escalating it to calmly listen to what the customer is saying. Listening sounds simple enough, but it’s actually hard to do effectively. Most people listen half-heartedly, anticipating their next response. This technique can make you come across as argumentative and defensive. To truly listen, take in what the customer is saying and do not reply until he has finished what he has to say, Inc advised. While you may not agree, by simply listening, you are more open to honest and effective communication, which will more than likely help remedy the dispute.

2. Keep calm.
Again, this sounds like obvious and simple advice, but maintaining a calm facade can be incredibly challenging, especially in the face of overt aggression. And while you may think you are coming across as calm, the tone of your voice or body language may suggest otherwise. Keeping your cool then is in many ways tantamount to a performance. It’s important to monitor how loud your voice is, whether you sound friendly enough and whether you look neutral or annoyed.

“Keeping your cool is in many ways tantamount to a performance.”

The key to calming down an angry customer is to keep a level and even tone of voice, but also to speak firmly. Don’t equivocate or show uncertainty, as this will likely irritate the customer further, Entrepreneur observed. If you appear in control of the situation, he will likely settle down. It’s also necessary to look sympathetic, and not angry. Conversely, if you keep smiling or look too happy, the customer will likely think that you are not taking him seriously. It’s a fine line and a balancing act to get right.

3. Try to be empathetic.
This can again be difficult, especially if you believe the customer is wrong, but displays of empathy can go a long way in resolving a tense situation. Demonstrations of empathy include maintaining eye contact, expressing apologies and stating that you can relate to the customer’s struggle. With a display of empathy, the customer will more than likely calm down and be willing to listen.

4. Explain the situation.
If, for example, the patron is irate about a late pick up or canceled trip, it’s important to be honest and give a clear explanation as to why the situation arose, explained. Customers will likely not appreciate unclear excuses. It’s important to be direct, clear and most importantly, apologetic.

Dealing with aggression can be challenging. It's important to remain calm and collected.Dealing with aggression can be challenging. It’s important to remain calm and collected.

5. Negotiate a solution.
If the above tactics are employed, more often than not the customer will be calm enough to begin negotiations for a solution, Inc explained. In such instances it’s important to remember the maxim mentioned earlier – “the customer is always right.” Essentially, do what you have to do to keep him happy, so that he will be more inclined to do business with you in the future and spread the good word about your operation. Whether it’s a free ride, or free monthly pass – whatever you lose in revenue you will make up for in protecting your reputation. After all, nothing can be more damaging to your bottom line than a bad review online or bad word of mouth.

6. Warn the customer.
In rare cases the above advice will fail to calm an aggressive customer. If he continues to get angry and uses aggressive language or behavior, it’s time to calmly issue a warning, stated. Make it clear that angry behavior will not be tolerated and that security or the police will be involved if the aggression continues.

7. End the confrontation.
In exceptionally rare cases a customer may refuse to leave or become violent. Should this occur be sure to protect yourself by calling security and/or the police and walking away from the confrontation. No dispute is worth getting injured over.


7 ways to build customer loyalty

In today’s competitive marketplace, building a loyal customer base can be a challenge. This is especially true in the digital age, when ride sharing apps such as Lyft and Uber offer customers a convenient alternative to limousine service. But that doesn’t mean that cultivating and retaining a loyal group of customers is impossible. There are a number of simple ways to keep people coming back to your company time and time again.

Below is quick guide of seven ways to build customer loyalty for your limo or livery service:

Keep standards high
This should be an obvious tip, but a surprising number of companies, especially when operations expand, tend to let standards slide. The best way to ensure ongoing brand loyalty is to provide impeccable service every time, without exception.

Overcompensate for any mistakes
Mistakes happen. Your driver may be late for a pickup through no fault of his own, or the limousine may experience mechanical problems with a passenger on board, or you could accidentally overcharge a customer. The list of potential infractions are endless. And while some mistakes are unavoidable, you can deal with the issues in a way that will impress your customers and likely keep them coming back. The answer is to overcompensate, Inc stated. Whatever the problem is – big or small – go above and beyond to remedy the issue. For example, even if you are 10 minutes late for a pickup, offer the passenger a reduced rate or even a free ride. He or she will remember the gesture and will likely return.

Keep in touch with customers
It’s the age of social media and it’s time to get on board, if you haven’t already. Social platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, are a great way to engage with existing customers and attract new ones. The sites can be used to promote your services and offer deals. Forbes also suggested that an email campaign for your current customer base is a great way to keep people engaged with any company news or promotions that you are offering. Of course, ask the customer’s permission first. Few people enjoy unsolicited promotional emails.

“It’s the age of social media and it’s time to get on board.”

Reward references
Entrepreneur suggested that an effective way to keep customers coming back is to offer rewards or discounts to loyal customers who refer new patrons. The strategy is not only great for impressing current clientele, but it will also help you to build up your overall brand following.

Offer a smartphone app
If your company hasn’t developed an app for smartphones already, then it’s time to do so. In 2016 people value convenience above all else. By developing an easy smartphone app that your customers can use to make bookings, you’ll increase the number of individuals who stay loyal to your brand. For all your smartphone app needs, as well as dispatch software requirements, consider Limo Anywhere. Our passenger mobile apps are second to none in quality, offering users an easy way to book rides, pay fares and track drivers.

Offer a smartphone app for booking. Customers will value the convenience.

Offer a smartphone app for booking. Customers will value the convenience.

Ask for feedback
According to Forbes, it’s wise to ask customers about their experiences with your service. Not only does it demonstrate that you care, but it can also give you pointers for improvement. If a passenger is dissatisfied, make the necessary changes and then demonstrate to the patron that you have heeded his or her advice.

Keep it friendly
Build a rapport with frequent customers. Make an effort to remember their names and small details about their lives. Also put them on your birthday and holiday card list. They’ll appreciate the gesture.


Five ways to appeal to business travelers

According to the Global Business Travel Association, global business travel spending is expected to hit a record $1.25 trillion USD in 2015. That’s a 6.5 percent increase from 2014. As the owner or manager of a limo service, that makes business travelers a highly desirable market for your company.

To increase the success and profits of your business, use these five tips to attract road warriors to your service.

Offer an incentive
If you want to attract business travelers, let them know that you’re interested. Consider running a promotion for business travelers who use your service for the first time or plan a marketing campaign that specifically targets local businesses.

Provide flexibility
Business travel is stressful, so any flexibility that you can provide your clients will be appreciated. If you are picking up your client at the airport, ask for the flight information so that your driver can track the flight and be ready when the plane lands. A business traveler who is running late may be inconvenient for your limo service, but working with his or her schedule will foster good will that will likely win you a return trip.

Mix business and pleasure 
While your clients may be traveling for business, that doesn’t mean that they don’t want to be transported in comfort. Forbes magazine reported that 9 in 10 people mix pleasure into every business trip that they embark on. Providing your clients with a little extra comfort will go a long way in creating customer satisfaction. Whether you provide a large, luxurious back seat or a refreshing bottle of sparkling water, little perks will make the experience an enjoyable one for the road warrior.

Make sure that the cars in your fleet offer plenty of room for business travelers who want to work while in transit.

Make sure that the cars in your fleet offer plenty of room for business travelers who want to work while in transit.

Ensure privacy
Most business travelers appreciate their privacy. Make sure that your chauffeurs are trained to be friendly, but maintain professional boundaries. You should additionally take measures to ensure that the privacy of your clients’ travel information and credit card numbers are protected.

Give something extra
When catering to business travelers, you may encounter some clients from out of town. Be sure that your chauffeurs are familiar with local restaurants, bars and other hotspots so they can make recommendations for travelers who are new to the area. Your customers will appreciate the extra service.


Train your chauffeurs in customer service

While you may be the one pulling the strings for your limo service, your chauffeurs are the face of your company. For better or for worse, your drivers are the ones that your clients interact with most frequently, so the impression they’re left with is impacted by the service that your chauffeurs provide. To ensure that this impression is a favorable one, use these strategies to train your drivers in the finer points of customer service.

Make service a priority
If customer service is a priority in your limo business – and it should be – it’s important to emphasize that to your employees from the start. Create a training program for all new hires to help them master the customer service climate of your company.

When designing this program, the Small Business Chronicle recommended first identifying the needs of your clients. Knowing what your customers expect from a chauffeur will help you train your employees in a way that will create a positive experience. It may be helpful to hand out feedback cards or create a survey to learn more about the expectations of your clientele.

The format of your training program should be tailored to meet the needs of your company. If you see areas that need significant improvement, consider hiring a professional to give a seminar, or purchase or create training videos. Even if you believe that your employees are doing well in the area of customer service, you should at least write down your standards and make sure that your chauffeurs are familiar with the expectations. Have each person study and sign a copy, or hang a framed copy in an easily accessible location.

Ask clients for feedback to improve your customer service.

Ask clients for feedback to improve your customer service.

Look for ways to improve
Once you’ve created a training program, your work isn’t done. You should always be looking for ways to improve your company’s client experience. Regularly review the performance of your staff, whether by observing them in action or asking for feedback from customers. If you identify common areas for improvement, hold a staff meeting to discuss the issues.

Your business may benefit from occasionally providing incentives for great customer service. Consider creating an employee of the month program where the chauffeur with the best client feedback gets a gift card, extra long lunch break or other reward.