June System Updates!

As your software provider, we know you depend on us to help you run your business. Your success is ours, so we’ve built tools to boost your business processes.
We are continually working to modernize our products and improve our system to create a better platform for you.


  • Added the ability to edit  Return Trips on ORES 4
  • Added the ability to add Secondary Agent to an Account
  • Made numerous general enhancements to the User Interface on ORES 4

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved issue where currency on some farmed-out trips were changing to US Dollar ($)
  • Resolved issue where Payment Status was not showing “BILLED” if trip was put on an invoice.
  • Resolved issue where Passenger only account was not displayed to select themselves on Step 3 of ORES 4.
  • Resolved issue on ORES 4 where PROMO CODE was not applying when a trip was edit with information that met promo code criteria.
  • Resolved issue on ORES 4 where the Handicap tooltip would not display when booker logged out of account.
  • Resolved issue with Flight Stats tracking not displaying on Dispatch Grid
  • Resolved issue with logging out when adding additional passengers to a reservation
  • Resolved issue where trips were randomly being reopened after settlement
  • Resolved issue with credit cards being removed from reservation when skipping Step 3 of DA Net Farm-out process


May System Updates!

In this release, we’ve worked tirelessly to bring you better features in ORES 4.5 and made GDPR compliance easier than ever! Read on to find out what new features we’ve created for you.


New Implementations

  • Introduced GDPR pop-up messages that inform ORES users why their data is being collected
  • ORES users must comply with privacy policy before booking their reservations
  • ORES users can now specify a luggage count on step 1 of booking




  • Aging Reports now display trips when Payment Terms is Due Upon Receipt

ORES 4.5:

  • Default number of hours for hourly trips is now 1 instead of 3
  • Icons for Vehicle Description and Price breakdown are more visible
  • Changed the error message pop-up when ORES could not find the booker’s location to a more translatable message
  • Optimized get current location logic
  • Added the capability for the booker to enter flight info on a return trip
  • Fixed ORES sizing issues that caused the screen to be cut off on certain devices
  • Added flight info fields to airport drop-offs
  • Added the ability to turn off handicap access
  • Users must now confirm when they do not have flight info
  • Improved the wording in the text label above the final “Book Now” button
  • Updated the label above the flight info text boxes to say “Recommended” instead of “Optional”
  • Extended the length of the allowed privacy policy
  • Made several optimizations to the User Interface and user input


Bug Fixes


  • Resolved issue where Promo Codes were not working unless Service Types were selected

DA Net:

  • Resolved the issue causing an error message to display every time a Limo Anywhere operator tried to create a DA Net Account

ORES 4.5:

  • Resolved the date format error with the ORES widget
  • Resolved the issue where users couldn’t select vehicle type on 2nd step of booking process
  • Resolved the issue where the flight info fields disappeared when the booker edited the pick-up location
  • Resolved the issue where the Promo Code was deactivating when the booker made a change to the reservation before completing it
  • Disabled rate lookup when booker edits or removes a Promo Code
  • Removed the error that displayed when a booker took 15 or more minutes to book a trip
  • Resolved the issue where the rate breakdown was not displaying on step 3 of booking
  • Corrected display issues with billing address information on step 3 of booking
  • Resolved issue where price breakdown did not consistently display rates to the hundredths


April System Updates


New Features:

  • Added “Service Type” to filters in the Scheduled Messaging Module. This filter allows scheduled messages to be sent based on a reservation’s selected service type.
  • Added SMS blackout time to Scheduled SMS. Blackout times will prevent Scheduled SMS from sending out within the specified time frame. NOTE: If the message is scheduled to be sent during the blackout time, it will not send automatically send when the blackout time elapses. (In a future update, we will add the ability to send any messages triggered during this period at the end of the blackout time, rather than not at all.)


  • Added new tags for Custom Forms, Scheduled Messages, and Scheduled Emails
  • System Mapping drop down list can now exceed 20 Service Types.
  • Added P/O client Reference as a column on the “Create Invoices” screen in the Receivables section.
  • Added UZS currency for Uzbekistan.
  • Added JOD currency for Jordan.

March System Updates!


As we advance into a new season of Limo Anywhere products and user experience, we continuously strive to improve the general functionality of our software. We have listened to and documented a plethora of customer feedback from various online platforms and the recently concluded LCT Show. Your feedback is a primary focus for us and a vital component for the success of our business. And for this, we are immensely grateful.

Things to look out for this week:

What’s New?

  • Ores 4.0: will accept manually entered Credit Card Billing Address when the entered address cannot be verified.

Fixed Bugs

  • Time Label Manager now opens when clicked.
  • Bug that prevented users from editing trips that were imported via API on the dispatch screen is now fixed.
  • Updated database for numerous phone numbers that could not be validated.
  • Error Message “Bad Request” that displayed when a non-verifiable address was entered on a reservation has been removed.
  • Operator can now update trips on Limo Anywhere Mobile if a trip has a non-geocoded (non-verifiable) address.
  • Resolved the issue where browser alert could not be closed each a time a new credit card was mistyped in a reservation. This issue prevented users from further editing the reservation.
  • Unclogged the email queue from a cluster of emails in the email server.
  • Resolved the issue whereby Credit Cards that were added to Customer Accounts would not show up under “Use Existing Cards” when creating a reservation.


  • Users can now complete reservation on ORES with stored browser data.
  • Added FlightView back as an option to track flights from the dispatch.
  • Quick Res can now use distance based rates and verify addresses.
  • Payables module has new search filters.
  • For new operators of Limo Anywhere: Default settings where updated to reduce setup time and setup steps.

Coming Soon!

  • Coming in a few days: flight information can now be entered on Limo Anywhere Mobile




Dallas, TX—March 12, 2018—Limo Anywhere, the industry’s most widely-used software solutions provider for ground transportation operators, has rolled out a series of new products and enhancements to its current portfolio. These additions are part of Limo Anywhere’s commitment to provide best-in-class products for its clients and their customers.

Over the past several months, Limo Anywhere has made good on this commitment through a spate of new releases, a primary example being the recent enhancements made to ORES (Online Reservation Software). The most recent version includes multiple vehicle images, customizable reservations widgets, increased security, and an updated dashboard to give users the best possible experience. In addition, search and reporting capabilities were made more robust.

In March 2018, Limo Anywhere also released two critical apps: LA Mobile, a dispatching/admin app, and Driven Anywhere, a new passenger app tailored for smaller operators who desire a native app solution without the need to build or manage their own independent apps. Both apps are available for Android and iOS users. LA Mobile gives operators the freedom to dispatch on the go: they can manage reservations, assign chauffeurs, monitor trips, and perform searches, all in a convenient app. Driven Anywhere provides a company-branded user experience for passengers who wish to book their own travel. Brandon Edley, Head of Product & Design for Limo Anywhere, explains the vision behind the apps:

We want to make our products as convenient to use as possible. We recognize that in these busy times, many of our clients require flexibility and freedom, and their customers do as well. LA Mobile is fundamentally a new mobile foundation upon which we can build for years to come. Furthermore, our new passenger app solution, Driven Anywhere, provides a simple, low cost, and effective way to enable smaller operators to quickly establish a mobile presence.

Limo Anywhere has big plans for the future as well. LA Mobile and Driven Anywhere will be continuously upgraded with new capabilities. The company is also in the process of re-launching “Custom Apps” for operators who desire to have and promote their own shelf space in the Apple and Android app stores. ORES, the web booking engine, will soon incorporate a major enhancement that will allow online bookers to complete the process in a fraction of the time it currently takes.  Last, Limo Anywhere is investing significantly in a state-of-the-art, next-gen user experience built from the ground up, including a redesigned dispatch screen, enhanced activity logging, and an improved rate building and management process, as well as a brand new reporting and analytics module.

Sean Arena, President of Limo Anywhere, commented on his priorities for the company:

Every day, it is incumbent upon us to continue to push the envelope on what we can deliver for our customers and to consistently deliver on those expectations.  Each year, we make significant investments in new products, enhancements, and infrastructure. It’s this commitment to investment that enables us to accomplish our mission: to be the preeminent technology provider in ground transportation for operators of all shapes and sizes.

# # #

If you would like more information, please contact us at [email protected].

New Tools made just for you!

We have new features for you AND your passengers! Here’s what’s new this week!


  • Dispatching App: Limo Anywhere Mobile is the new operator dispatching app that is downloadable from both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
  • Passenger App: Driven Anywhere is the new passenger mobile app that is downloadable from the both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


  • Distance Based Rates no longer interfere with entering in addresses that aren’t found. If an address is not found, users can still book trips but will be unable to use distance based pricing for the trip.
  • The Incident report now includes an affiliate filter.
  • Custom Form/SMS tags were added to support the release of Driven Anywhere. Links can be generated to help passengers easily sign in to the application.

Bug Fixes

  • Booking widgets now calculate the number of hours correctly.


  • Major enhancements will be made to the billing details section of the online reservation system. This should help online bookers finish step 3 in a fraction of the time it currently takes.
  • Improvements are being made to the size of the Reservation Manifest Report.
  • Several improvements will be introduced to support the release of Limo Anywhere Mobile and Driven Anywhere

February System Updates!

We’re constantly looking for better ways to improve our software and make it more user-friendly!
This month we’ve –

Squashed Some Bugs:

  1. Fixed issue with App Logo uploads in preparation for the releases of the new Passenger Application.
    • The New Passenger App will be launched as one generic application that will function for all Limo Anywhere clients
  1. Fixed issue that caused an error when unsubscribing to schedule emails sent from the Limo Anywhere Web application.
  1. Fixed issue that caused the Company Alias not to be assigned properly to Accounts. Reservations will always assign the Billing Contact’s Company Alias.
  1. Fixed issue where Apple Devices displayed symbols instead of icons on ORES 4.
  1. Miscellaneous fee descriptions are limited to 30 characters.
    • When creating a miscellaneous fee under Rate Management, the Limo Anywhere system will now clearly warn and prevent the system user from entering more than 30 characters in the Miscellaneous Fee Name field – eliminating previous bugs.
    • Note – Miscellaneous fees longer than 30 characters were cut off to match new character limit.
  1. Several updates were completed to prepare for future LA Web platform modernization.
  1. Fixed issue where you could not set an Affiliate Profile to “Inactive.”

Made some improvements:

  1. An Aging option has been added to the open balance report.
    • You can run a report based off of which customer owes you money and how long their balance has been open.



So What is Next? #ComingSoon!

If there is anything enjoyable to talk about, it’s the announcement of new stuff!

Limo Anywhere is about to launch some two very effective tools in modern business transactions and processes.

Allow us to introduce you to:

“LA Mobile” – The Limo Anywhere Administrative Mobile App

The app’s functionalities include:

  • Creating reservations
  • Editing and updating reservations
  • Assigning trips to drivers
  • Dispatching drivers
  • Monitoring trips
  • Viewing completed trips
  • Sorting reservations by
    • Passenger name, date, time, or confirmation number
  • Searching reservations by
    • Date, time, driver, passenger, or confirmation number

“Driven Anywhere” – The Limo Anywhere Passenger App

Now this App:

  • Is supported by iOS and Android operating systems
  • Costs Only $49.00/month
  • One App for all Operators:
    • One general app that will work for all Limo Anywhere operators
    • Provides same user experience for passengers
  • Operator Codes:
    • Every operator account has a unique ID: this code allows a passenger to create an account in a specific operator’s Limo Anywhere system

Looking Back at 2017…

2017 had its own set of accomplishments. Limo Anywhere vital improvements to some of its most popular modules:

  • Improved Searching Capabilities:
    • Expand Global Search to check in Additional Passenger fields
  • Additional Report Options:
    • Customer Activity Report- shows revenue spent by a company or a customer over time
    • Last Activity Report- shows last time a company or customer used the service
  • Online Reservation System (Ores 4.0) Enhancements:
    • Added new Reservation Widgets allow Operators more freedom and customization when adding the ORES widgets to their web site
    • Multiple images of a vehicle can be displayed allow passengers to see the beauty of the vehicle’s exterior and the creature comforts within the vehicle.
    • Enhancement to allow Passengers to use Drop-Off as the Pick-Up for Hourly trips
    • A new login widget for easier access and better security
    • The number of child seats are now Auto-populated for more efficient booking
    • Updated Dashboard provides trip status

Limo Anywhere System Updates!

We value our customers and consistently seek to meet their business needs. We understand the importance cyber technology and keeping up with innovation trends. There is nothing more important to us than providing a quality product. Image is everything! But it is also a reward awarded by merit! Lets take a look back at 2017 and some of the accomplishments to help better run your business.

Global search was expanded to include additional passengers

Several reports were added to assist with customer retention.

Online Reservation Widgets!

Ability to show multiple images of your vehicles when booking trips online

Hourly trips no longer require a pick up and drop off.

Child seat pricing can now be calculated with the Online Reservation System.

The Online Reservation Dashboard now provides trip status.

Below are some key enhancements released this week:

– Additional Airlines added to the LA System

  • La Compagnie – IATA Code: B0
  • Boutique Air – IATA Code: 4B, Code in FlightStats: BAI
  • NordStar Airlines – Code: TYA
  • Red Wings – Code: WZ
  • Globus – Code: GH
  • Quest Diagnostics – Code: LBQ
  • Eastern Air Lines – Code: EAL

– Updates to Existing Airline Names and Codes in the LA System

  • YL – Yamal Airlines – Code update to YC
  • 1I – Novail – Name update to NetJets Aviation
  • 2D- Alania Airlines – Name update to Dynamic Airways

– Additional Currencies added to the LA System

  • Add Nigerian naira – Code: NGN – Symbol: ₦
  • Add Moroccan dirham – Code: MAD – Symbol: DH

– Additional Airports added to the LA System

  • Richards Bay Airport – IATA code: RCB
  • Toowoomba Airport – IATA code: TWB
  • Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport – IATA code: WTB
  • Anaa Airport – IATA Code: AAA
  • Arrabury Airport – IATA Code: AAB

– Updates to existing Airport Names and Codes in the LA System

  • Update Name for PEK – Currently say PEK – Capital – Change to PEK – Beijing Capital International Airport
  • Update IATA Code for NZC – Cecil Field Airport – IATA Code is now VQQ
  • Update Name for NRT – Currently New Tokyo International Airport – Update to Tokyo Narita International Airport
  • Update Name for PVG – Currently Pudong International Airport – Update to Shanghai Pudong International Airport
  • Update Name for LGA – Currently La Guardia Airport – Update to LaGuardia Airport

– Minimum Mileage for Distance Based Pricing: for system users who choose to charge per mile or per kilometer, there is now an option to charge a minimum rate. For example, if a trip is less than a mile or kilometer long, there can now be a mandatory minimum amount, e.g. $100.00, to charge the customer/ passenger.

– Online Reservation System (Ores 4.0) Update: It is now possible to tie a Rate Matrix to a Service Type!

– Extended credit card expiration date limit.

– Fixed issue with Quick Res Widget not looking up rates correctly

– Fixed issue with Company logo not loading on PDF and printable forms