Announcing passenger mobile apps by Limo Anywhere

We have a confession to make: we’ve been working on a secret project.

And today, in a travel market where mobile is as important as ever, we are excited to announce that Limo Anywhere passenger mobile apps for iOS and Android are under development and scheduled for release in May of this year.

Built in partnership with global car service provider GroundLink and based on their industry-leading mobile technology, our passenger apps will be branded specifically to each individual operator, and will combine mobile booking capabilities with status updates, GPS, and account management features. As a fully integrated app solution, operators will be able to offer vehicle and ride tracking functionality on par with the largest brands in the industry when used in tandem with our DriverAnywhere® mobile driver app.

We hope you’re excited to take advantage of all of the opportunities that mobile offers, and we look forward to working with each of you to create an industry-leading mobile presence.

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Distance-based pricing is here

Limo Anywhere is happy to announce that distance-based pricing has arrived in our software.

Powered by our integration with Bing Maps, distance-based pricing allows operators to forgo the traditional zones and fixed rates structure by mapping customer routes and applying predetermined rates per-mile or per-kilometer, making for a simpler, easier pricing experience.

Distance-based pricing will be a feature in the fourth generation of our online reservation system, due out in March 2015.

To read more about how to implement distance-based pricing for your business, see the following explanation from our Knowledge Base:


Limo Anywhere announces PCI DSS compliance

Limo Anywhere is excited to announce that we have achieved Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance, certifying Limo Anywhere as one of the only technology providers in ground transportation with compliance verified by the payment card industry. The chief security standard governing credit card data, PCI DSS mandates compliance with 12 core requirements ranging from physical security protocol to the encryption of data with the platform, and Limo Anywhere will continuously monitor and report on our status going forward with audits performed by Qualified Security Assessor K3DES LLC.

“In light of rapid growth in fraudulent credit card activity and the recent breaches of several major corporations, ensuring credit card data is appropriately handled and protected is a vital, baseline service for any technology vendor to provide to its clients,” said President Mark Gentry. “Gaining PCI DSS compliance provides a layer of security and insurance to our customer base that is nearly unprecedented for technology providers in the ground transportation space, and additionally provides a significant advantage to any Limo Anywhere customer when pitching new corporate business. Combined with the recent launch of our secondary disaster recovery site, we are extending our market leadership when it comes to a focus on business continuity and data security, and we believe these investments deliver significant added value to our customer base.”

To learn more about PCI DSS compliance, please visit


The Limo Anywhere API and our duty-of-care obligations

In the ever-changing world of technology, data access and usage is arguably the topic of the year. Businesses are only scratching the surface of the value they can create by properly using data to benefit consumers, and the pace of progress forward is expected to be swift. Using data as a business tool often involves using the Application Programming Interface (API) of technology providers to “push” data into the system, “pull” data out of it, or often, both. This allows the data to be used by your business, or more commonly by a third party, to create an ancillary product or streamline an existing business process – for example, to push ride information into QuickBooks, or to pull reservation details from a mobile app into your reservation and dispatch system.

For Limo Anywhere and other technology providers, offering API access is a crucial piece of the value proposition. But this access does not come without obligations, and significant ones regarding legal and technical frameworks as well as data privacy and security.

As such, Limo Anywhere is announcing several changes to our API and our policies, which will come into effect gradually over the next 12 months.

1) All partners using the Limo Anywhere API, existing and future, will be immediately subject to our API License Agreement, posted here: This agreement contains standard legal protections for both Limo Anywhere and our customers, ensuring API partners are working with Limo Anywhere and with our customers in a responsible manner.

2) Limo Anywhere is announcing a progressive upgrade of our API, with a new version to be introduced gradually throughout 2015. This version will have significantly enhanced functionality from the current version, providing access to additional data points and streamlining the process of working with Limo Anywhere.

3) Concurrent with the release of our upgraded API, we will ask all third parties to certify with Limo Anywhere, ensuring only properly screened partners have access to our API. We will be conducting a full migration to the new API in 2015, ensuring all partners integrating with us are certified and approved.

In the ground transportation industry, duty-of-care is an accepted topic. Corporate clients want to know what their service providers are doing to ensure employees are safe, including questions around proper insurance, licensing, driver background screening, fleet quality, and more. For years, duty-of-care has been a major part of the business, and no one questions its value. The path to standardized duty-of-care obligations around APIs is a long one, and we’re only at the beginning of the journey. But we believe this is a great first step, and we are happy to be a market leader in protecting our customers’ interests while still providing high-quality access to the data and functionality that our customers need to grow their businesses.


What’s cloud-based software anyways?

One of the questions we field most commonly here at Limo Anywhere is “what’s cloud-based software, and why is it the best option for me?” To which our response is usually “great question!”

Cloud-based software is, in a nutshell, the provision of software as a service which is accessed over the internet. This differs from the “traditional” software model which involves products installed locally on a computer itself; instead, cloud customers use a web-based interface to access software running on physical hardware at a remote data center. Historically, local solutions were how technology was consumed (remember those pretty Microsoft Office packages?), but in the past several years cloud computing has penetrated nearly every corner of our technological lives – if you’ve ever used Gmail, you’ve experienced cloud-based software.

So, what are the benefits of using the cloud?

Minimal upfront investment of time or money: Using cloud-based software involves no investment in hardware (other than your computer and internet connection), and usually a very small financial investment with a software provider, allowing you to try out products quickly, with maximum flexibility, and most importantly, without needing technological expertise. Decide to sign up one minute, and you can be in the software the next.

Flexibility: Cloud computing can be accurately described as “on-demand”. The services are available when you need them and provide an immense amount of flexibility because of the pooled hardware resources used. In fact, surveys of IT professionals often rate flexibility as the major reason to use cloud-based services – it’s simply an easy way to keep your business nimble and responsive.

Accessible from anywhere: Generally speaking, cloud-based software is available anywhere that has an internet connection. At work, on the road, at the beach – if you have internet, it can be accessed. Have an employee who wants to work from home? No problem! If there is internet, you’re good to go.

Automatic updates: Remember the days of you or your employees downloading updates and waiting for installation to finish, creating a drain on productivity? Cloud-based software pushes updates through on the server level (usually overnight), keeping your business humming and focused on revenue-producing activities.

Security and redundancy: Use of cloud-based software effectively means you are outsourcing to a third party who specializes in the administration of technology services. For most businesses, this is a positive. Why worry about disaster recovery plans and data security protocol when a third party can do it for you?

Employee collaboration and productivity: Documents and data sync up in real-time, and allow for multiple users to access them simultaneously. Your employees work and your business runs in real-time; your technology should as well.

Obviously, here at Limo Anywhere we believe cloud-based software is a fantastic solution for most businesses. Our name does, after all, reflect a cloud-based solution. Even we acknowledge, however, that it’s not a universal product; certain companies, because of their size or particular business needs, may find that purchasing and operating local software and hardware is the best solution. But for most small and medium-sized businesses, cloud software is “just what the doctor ordered”.


Limo Anywhere announces launch of fully redundant second data center

Limo Anywhere is proud to announce we are now live with a fully redundant, geographically dispersed second data center, providing valuable disaster recovery and business continuity assurance to our entire customer base.

Named one of the “Seven Standards of Cloud Computing Service Delivery” by, we believe a redundant data center is one of the most important features a cloud software platform can provide to its customers. By operating a second site that mirrors our main facility we are able to provide extensive backup and failover capabilities, securing our platform’s integrity and ability to operate in the face of threats ranging from hardware or power failure all the way up to a large-scale regional disaster. These capabilities augment the existing backup and security protocol in place at our main site.

We believe we are the only software company in the limousine software space that is able to offer this valuable feature, and hope this provides peace of mind for a customer base for whom we know system uptime and data integrity are critical to business success.