Bringing Your Vehicles Up to the Present

“Where we’re going to we don’t need roads.”

With one sentence, Doc Brown and Back to the Future predicted a future of flying cars by 2015. But here we are in 2017 where we very much still need roads on which to drive our earth-bound cars.

Maybe your current fleet doesn’t have a flying car or even a flux capacitor, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a number of technological updates that you can make to get yourself Up to the Present for your customers.

  • WiFi Hotspots – Your travelers want to be able to treat your vehicles like a mobile office and continue their projects to and from their destination without racking up exorbitant data fees. Additionally, having your vehicles act as their own hotspot hub allows drivers to stay connected to navigation systems. You can make the experience of riding with your company all the more enjoyable by offering premium music streaming on Spotify and Pandora.
  • Video Screens – Incorporating headrest video screens into your vehicles will let your clients stay connected not only to their work but also to their play. On longer rides, Netflix and other video services can be offered as an added incentive for booking with your service.
  • Improved Safety Features – The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that more than 90% of traffic accidents are the result of human factors. To help reduce human error, you can employ additional safety features.
    • Rearview Cameras
    • Blind Spot Monitors
    • Parking Sensors
  • Navigation Systems –A number of companies allow seamless GPS and Fleet Management as an all-in-one service. Not only will you have a better understanding of where your drivers are and how and when they’ll get to their destination, but also your passengers will have the peace of mind that they are going to get where they’re going on time.
  • Limo Anywhere Passenger Apps – One of the best things you can do for yourself is use the tools that are already at your disposal to their fullest potential. The Passenger App allows your travelers to check prices, confirm availability, and book their trips right from their smart phone. They also have the ability to receive status updates and see where they are on their trip from start to finish. Passengers will also be able to easily manage their billing information and other account preferences, all on the go.
  • Driver Apps – Limo Anywhere’s free Driver Anywhere app lets drivers manage their trips from assignment to close out in real time. You can streamline your dispatch process by using the app rather than relying on texts, phone calls, and emails. You can also track the progress of each trip while receiving updates during the ride. Payment is simplified because drivers can process credit cards at the end of the trip.

Other popular driver apps can make your chauffeur’s job easier. Waze is a community-based navigation system that compiles reports from other drivers to alert and reroute you in case of traffic or accidents. Google Maps’ interface is a bit easier to use and incorporates a lot of data from Waze. GasBuddy locates the cheapest prices for gas in your location. And it may seem a little silly, but someday it will be a relief to your driver or customers if the Flush Toilet Finder app is installed on your tablets!

The technological tools to enhance your customers’ experiences are within your reach. As Doc Brown told Marty McFly in Back to Future III, “Your future is whatever you make it, so make it a good one.”

5 costs your limo business should always prioritize

As the administrator of your limousine business, you know cutting unnecessary costs every month will only help further your success. The problem is, most businesspeople make the mistake of getting rid of certain strategies, strong employees and coverage that could've potentially turned them into business moguls. Don't let your company fall under this category. Instead, make sure to prioritize the following costs at all times:

1. Digital marketing
Above all, it's in your best interested to nail your marketing strategy – not to cut it from your costs. When you get rid of marketing, you lose potential customers from referrals, B2B, organic searches and more. Besides creating strong relationships with your clients, your company website needs to be on point. That might be as simple as adding a blog or interactive feature, or it might mean giving the site a whole new look to increase the amount of time users spend there. Whatever you do, don't cut marketing costs. You can't only rely on word-of-mouth these days for business; the internet is going to be one of your best business partners.

"Business insurance is essential."

2. Insurance
Besides the car insurance you'll need for your limousine fleet, business insurance is also essential, according to the Houston Chronicle. General business insurance will cover everything from business contracts and interruptions, to liquor liabilities and workers compensation. Your business insurance will come in handy when a potential disaster occurs, and you won't want to regret making that cost cut when the time comes.

3. Strong customer service
Between your chauffeurs, customer service staff and other employees, you need to make sure to hire and keep as many service-oriented employees as you'll need – depending on the size of your business. Hiring more people might seem like a quick way to lose money, but the right group of workers will bring in happy customers. This, in turn, will make you a profit overtime, turning it into a positive long-term investment. If you can't keep your clients happy, then you won't keep clients. With an impressive team, you can ensure your business will always run smoothly and your customers will always be satisfied.

Having a strong team will lead you to success.
Having a strong team will lead you to success.

4.  Fleet maintenance
Keeping your limousine fleet sleek and shiny makes the impression you need to make a profit. If you cut the costs on taking care of your limos, you'll start losing customers and your margins will drop. Make it a point to have your limos thoroughly cleaned at least once a week, inside and out.

"Take care of issues as soon as they occur."

And don't forget about routine maintenance services, according to Limo Digest. Taking your limos into the shop for a check-up will cost you, but it's an investment that will save you in the long-run. If you neglect to take your cars into the shop when something goes wrong, they'll end up breaking down eventually and you'll be stuck with a dead limo. What sounds better, spending minimal dollars now to get the oil and tires changed, or spending thousands to replace the fleet entirely? Don't skimp out on maintenance costs. Take care of issues as soon as they occur.

5. Limo software
If you're looking to increase productivity and grow your business, you have to prioritize the cost of using limo software. If you haven't even thought about using it for your business, you need to consider Limo Anywhere. With this software, you can turn your business into a reservations engine, streamline your booking, scheduling and dispatch, and allow your passengers to communicate with drivers and track ride progress before pick up. It's the key to building your global network, and it'll save you money and get you business faster than any other software. Stop neglecting to set aside funds that will help your business grow. Let Limo Anywhere be your ticket to success.

10 ways to spruce up your marketing strategy

Whether you've been in the business for a while or you're just starting your new adventure, consistent marketing is key in the professional car service industry. By staying relevant and constantly showing your customers what you have to offer, you can ensure they'll remember your name when it's time to contact a company for limo services. Coming up with fresh, relevant marketing content that pulls in potential customers can set you apart from your competitors.

Use the drive and passion you have to promote your limo business on a regular basis. Here are 10 ways to spruce up your marketing strategy:

1. Understand your audience
There are many different groups of people to market your services to. Before you start promoting your business, understand who your target audience is. Are you offering rides for airport transfers? Or will you be helping the bride and groom get to their wedding reception? Answering these questions will help you decide where you plan to advertise your business.

2. Give your sales pitch a facelift
Once you understand your audience, consider your sales pitch. Does it cater to the needs and wants of your potential customers? Drive Profit suggested coming up with a unique proposal that produces an emotional response out of said clients. This increases the chance repeating business in the future, and could also potentially inspire them to recommend your services to friends and family.

3. Keep your social media outlets updated
Print advertisement is a classic way to get your brand out there, but have you considered the social media world? Now more than ever, people are trusting in the internet to find specific services. If you keep your social media outlets up-to-date and relevant with your industry, new customers will find you with a quick search.

Use your social media outlets to market your brand on a weekly basis.
Use your social media outlets to market your brand on a weekly basis.

4. Ask existing clients for referrals
Marketing your business through existing clients is an excellent way to build stronger relationships and acquire new business. By asking past customers to fill out a review on your Facebook page or talk to their loved ones about the services you're offering, you can ensure a good word will get out about your limo business.

5. Create a portal for testimonies
If you're looking for a way to gain new business, create a tab on your website dedicated to previous customer testimonies. This allows potential clients to get a feel for the type of experience your drivers provide. When they read about positive occurrences, they'll likely trust in your drivers to provide similar service for them.

6. Email your clients, but don't go overboard
Using email to get the word out about your business is an effective marketing strategy. It can, however, crush your credibility if you don't know how to use it. Nobody wants to receive a weekly email that repeats the same business jargon as the previous. If you want to encourage more business through your emails, just keep your messages short, sweet and to the point. Drive Profit suggested making it personal and including a call-to-action so the client is always inspired to reach out to you.

Keep emails short and sweet.
Keep emails short and sweet.

7. Offer discounts to previous customers
When you provide incentives for previous customers to return, it's likely that they'll choose you over the competitor. Forbes suggested creating loyalty reward programs that encourage your clients to return for business. Once the word spreads that you're honoring users with discounts and special offers, you'll likely see some new faces.

8. Attend more networking events
Digital and print advertising can get your name out there, but so will word-of-mouth. By attending more networking events, you can make strong connections with businessmen who will send potential clients your way.  The Strategic Business Network said attending events increases your visibility, keeps you current with the trends and offers an opportunity to get motivated by key speakers.

9. Hand out business cards
Social media posts might be the new billboard, but business cards are forever. Handing existing and potential customers your business card makes an interaction more personal. It also shows you're willing to take calls and emails whenever it's most convenient for them.

10. Use limo software
The world of technology is always finding ways to make life simpler, especially when it comes to growing your business. Aside from consistently posting to your social media outlets on weekly basis, consider using limo software. Limo Anywhere lets you manage administrative tasks from wherever, whenever. This allows you to spend more time growing your network and less worrying about the time-consuming duties you once spent countless hours taking care of.

6 simple tips for improving your company website

It's the digital age and almost every component of running a successful business, big or small, relies on technology. For example, your limousine or livery business will likely utilize limo booking software to take customer reservations and dispatch software to send drivers out on assignment. There's also a chance that your operation now uses driver and passenger smartphone apps, so that customers can book trips conveniently.

Given that technology is becoming more sophisticated and patrons are now able to connect with your business via their smartphones it can be easy to overlook one of your more basic digital marketing tools – your company website. A vast majority of small businesses will have a website, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it is working the way it should. It's important to keep your organization's homepage fresh, up-to-date and easy to use. After all, your site is usually the first place potential new customers will look, and therefore its usability can win or lose you new business. 

So if you're looking to improve the website of your limousine or livery business, check out this list of six handy tips below:

1. Keep it simple
One of the most notable problems that many websites have is that they are overcrowded with information and awkward to use. The information on your page should be presented in a clear and concise way, with as little text as possible. Business News Daily stated that the most prominent points of information should be bolded and spaced out. Also, don't try to convey too much information in one area. It's better to have several shorter and easy to navigate landing spaces than just one or two lengthy pages crowded with text.

2. Make it mobile friendly
As discussed, smartphones are the future in terms of driving up customer engagement with your business. Therefore, if your company website isn't compatible with smartphones, or if it is awkward to use on a mobile, you will have a problem. As Fast Company reported, roughly half of all web-based searches actually first start on a mobile device, so it's important that a customer isn't turned off by your design. The source elaborated that the best way to make your company's website mobile friendly is through a process known as responsive design. Essentially all this means is that the website will shrink in accordance with the size of the smartphone that is being used to access it. Some companies may chose to have a separate mobile friendly website, but Fast Company explained that this can be less effective in terms of search engine optimization. 

"Half of all web-based searches first start on a mobile device."

3. Use white
The use of white on your website is actually a great way to improve the design, HubSpot stated. This is because it generally makes the text on your page easier to read. The source detailed that a white background can help hold a user's attention for longer as the content is usually more vibrant and eye catching. Conversely, darker colors or bright backgrounds can make your information appear less bold and captivating. 

It's important that your website is smartphone friendly.
It's important that your website is smartphone friendly.

4. Keep it new
Update your website as often as possible, whether that's with new content, such as blog posts or videos, or simply new advertisements promoting deals, offers and the like, Fast Company stated. If you neglect to update your website on a routine basis,  you send a message to your customers that you are not relevant or driven. A website with fresh content, however, signals that your business is successful and a leader in your area.

5. Chose the right images
Your website should have plenty of images that represent your company. Whether that's pictures of your fleet of limousines, or more general stock images designed to reflect your services, the images should be bright, captivating and consistent with the goals and values of your operation, Business News Daily stated. The source noted, however, that it's important to be aware of copyright laws, which may prevent you from utilizing certain pictures.

6. Social media
Your company will likely already have a social media presence, and if you don't it's time to build one! However, using social media properly entails more than just the occasional Facebook post or tweet. Your social media pages should be used to entice patrons to visit your company website, Small Business Trends asserted. It's important, therefore, to include clear links to your company's home page on your social media channels, as well as post content that will direct customers back to your site. Indeed, this is another reason why it's vital to keep your site updated with interesting and shareable content.