Client Spotlight: Paula DeBiasi, Chicago CoachWorks

Editor’s Note: Client Spotlight is a recurring feature on our blog. In it, you will meet fellow operators, learn about their business, and gain valuable insights into using Limo Anywhere to its fullest capacity.

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 Chicago Coachworks

Client Spotlight: Chicago CoachWorks


Paula DeBiasi started Chicago CoachWorks in 2009. She calls it a mid-life career change, trading in her Mustang convertible for a brand new stretch limo!

Located ten minutes from the Chicago Loop, CoachWorks is well situated to get to downtown and the airports, including major transportation hub O’Hare Airport, quickly. They serve Chicago, its suburbs, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

Company Philosophy

Chicago CoachWorks considers itself a small operator with a very big heart.

Chicago CoachWorks and Limo Anywhere

When Chicago CoachWorks first opened, they were small enough not to need a software program. When their client base grew, they saw the benefits and started partnering with Limo Anywhere in 2012.

Limo Anywhere Features

Paula explains that as a former IT executive, she was initially won over by LA’s commitment to security, back up, remote storage, and recovery, which are all important with cloud-based software. LA is also very user-friendly, so training staff and chauffeurs has been easy.

Using Limo Anywhere

The team at Chicago CoachWorks relies on Limo Anywhere’s comprehensive capabilities and ease of use. Part-time office staff can work from home using LA, which keeps overhead low.

Limo Anywhere Tips

Paula advises LA affiliates to use the full functionality to track farmed-out trips. In municipalities like Chicago that require drivers to use only hands-free technology, chauffeurs cannot answer their phones while driving. Being able to see statuses online is a huge benefit.

Great advice on using full functionality for affiliate trips, Paula! We are delighted to be a part of your growth.



Preparing for the Worst – Set Your Manifest Backup

There’s no question that in 2017 we rely on tech heavily throughout all aspects of our lives. Here at Limo Anywhere, we live and breathe it. We are constantly striving to ensure our users have the best possible experience.  Unfortunately, when any interruption occurs, our reliance on tech is tested. However, there are steps you can take to ensure you are prepared before a problem occurs by setting up system backup emails.

Users can set this up under My Office>Messaging & Template Settings>Email Res Manifest tab.

LA 1

You can set how often you would like to receive these alerts. You can also add up to three email addresses to receive the manifest.

LA 2

For a more detailed step-by-step guide, check out our how-to on Zendesk. We also have a tutorial video on YouTube. If you are still having any issues with setting up your backup, please give us a call at 888-888-0302, option 2, or email us with your company ID at [email protected]. One of our staff members would be happy to assist you.

While no one can anticipate everything that could possibly go wrong, we can at least help our users stay prepared. By taking these actions before there is an unexpected issue, you’ll have a backup in place and your drivers will know where they are supposed to be, even if access to Limo Anywhere is impeded.



Important Announcement from Limo Anywhere

A new chapter at Limo Anywhere begins today!

We are excited to announce the appointment of Sean Arena as President of Limo Anywhere. He will replace Mark Gentry, who will remain with the company as an Advisor.

Sean comes to Limo Anywhere after 18 years at travel technology giant Sabre, where he was Executive Director of New Business Ventures. Sean has led teams ranging from product marketing to corporate strategy and business development throughout his career, and brings a strong technology and user experience background to Limo Anywhere.

With over 40% of the limousine industry and over 20,000 users on our platform, the opportunity at Limo Anywhere is staggering. Under Sean’s leadership, we will continue our drive to build the most robust, user-friendly, and affordable set of technology solutions in the limousine industry.

Please join us in welcoming Sean to the team.

P.S. We can’t wait to deploy the coming dispatch mobile app and new back office user interface!

Staff Feature: JC Moore, VP of Software Engineering and IT

JC Moore has been Limo Anywhere’s VP of Software Engineering and IT since late 2015. He manages Limo Anywhere’s software engineering team and data center operations. His daily life is fast paced with never a dull moment and a lot of variety—just like he likes it! JC comes to this role with depth and breadth of experience, as he has been writing software, leading teams, and managing operations for over 20 years. He has experience with industries such as high volume eCommerce sites, online dating, streaming media, and supply chain.

JC’s favorite thing about Limo Anywhere is the people. He says that LA has nice and talented people who are always a pleasure to work with. Limo Anywhere is a true team, made up of people working in harmony toward a common goal who always take the time to help each other out.

Another high point of working for Limo Anywhere is the customers. JC loves their passion for the software and notes that they are LA’s biggest advocates, generating many leads by word of mouth. He says, “We strive to make them happy because they are our life blood, and we will continue to do so!”  The customers’ ability to operate efficiently and the quality and stability of the software are at the forefront of LA’s priorities.

JC’s Insider Tip: “If you haven’t done so, set up distance-based pricing! This feature was added after many users were already in the system, so it is still absent for many companies. If you set this up, you will be able to receive trips that are outside of your fixed pricing / zone setup, and you will get more business!”

Bringing Your Vehicles Up to the Present

“Where we’re going to we don’t need roads.”

With one sentence, Doc Brown and Back to the Future predicted a future of flying cars by 2015. But here we are in 2017 where we very much still need roads on which to drive our earth-bound cars.

Maybe your current fleet doesn’t have a flying car or even a flux capacitor, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a number of technological updates that you can make to get yourself Up to the Present for your customers.

  • WiFi Hotspots – Your travelers want to be able to treat your vehicles like a mobile office and continue their projects to and from their destination without racking up exorbitant data fees. Additionally, having your vehicles act as their own hotspot hub allows drivers to stay connected to navigation systems. You can make the experience of riding with your company all the more enjoyable by offering premium music streaming on Spotify and Pandora.
  • Video Screens – Incorporating headrest video screens into your vehicles will let your clients stay connected not only to their work but also to their play. On longer rides, Netflix and other video services can be offered as an added incentive for booking with your service.
  • Improved Safety Features – The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that more than 90% of traffic accidents are the result of human factors. To help reduce human error, you can employ additional safety features.
    • Rearview Cameras
    • Blind Spot Monitors
    • Parking Sensors
  • Navigation Systems –A number of companies allow seamless GPS and Fleet Management as an all-in-one service. Not only will you have a better understanding of where your drivers are and how and when they’ll get to their destination, but also your passengers will have the peace of mind that they are going to get where they’re going on time.
  • Limo Anywhere Passenger Apps – One of the best things you can do for yourself is use the tools that are already at your disposal to their fullest potential. The Passenger App allows your travelers to check prices, confirm availability, and book their trips right from their smart phone. They also have the ability to receive status updates and see where they are on their trip from start to finish. Passengers will also be able to easily manage their billing information and other account preferences, all on the go.
  • Driver Apps – Limo Anywhere’s free Driver Anywhere app lets drivers manage their trips from assignment to close out in real time. You can streamline your dispatch process by using the app rather than relying on texts, phone calls, and emails. You can also track the progress of each trip while receiving updates during the ride. Payment is simplified because drivers can process credit cards at the end of the trip.

Other popular driver apps can make your chauffeur’s job easier. Waze is a community-based navigation system that compiles reports from other drivers to alert and reroute you in case of traffic or accidents. Google Maps’ interface is a bit easier to use and incorporates a lot of data from Waze. GasBuddy locates the cheapest prices for gas in your location. And it may seem a little silly, but someday it will be a relief to your driver or customers if the Flush Toilet Finder app is installed on your tablets!

The technological tools to enhance your customers’ experiences are within your reach. As Doc Brown told Marty McFly in Back to Future III, “Your future is whatever you make it, so make it a good one.”

How to use the Hover Feature

Want to learn about the most efficient ways to find relevant information in Limo Anywhere? This post will show you how to discover all there is to know about the Hover feature.

When viewing the Dispatch Grid, you may notice that a yellow pop-up window appears when the mouse is held over certain areas. This is the Hover Feature and it can make finding information much easier and faster. There are eight instances where this piece of technology can help you:

  • Passenger Contact Info
  • Driver Contact Info
  • Billing Contact Info
  • Booking Contact Info
  • Affiliate Contact Info
  • Car Info
  • Passenger Priority Level
  • Passenger Notes
  • Trip Notes

How to use the Hover feature

All columns must first be visible on the Dispatch Grid in order to use the Hover Feature. Click on the blue Grid Setup link at the top of the Dispatch Grid.

How to use the Hover feature

Select the above columns by checking the box on the left of each item. To sort the columns, click and drag them into the order you prefer. Be sure to click on Update Dispatch Grid Fields when you are satisfied with your options. Next, select the My Prefs tab.

How to use the Hover feature

In the fifth section, use the drop-down menus to select Yes to each of the hover options available.

How to use the Hover feature

To take full advantage of the hover feature within Limo Anywhere, be sure to fill out all relevant information when setting up Driver Profiles and when completing new Accounts. Be sure to collect phone number(s) and email address(es) for drivers, passengers, booking contacts, billing contacts, and affiliates. This information will show up in the yellow pop-up window when hovering over a driver’s name or a passenger’s name, or when hovering over any other contact associated with a given trip.

Additionally, for Account set up, collect any specific passenger preferences or special billing information and enter it into Preferences/Trip Notes on the main page of the user account. This will show in the yellow pop-up window when hovering over the Passenger Priority Level & Notes column and/or the Trip Notes column. If you have specific notes in the Trip Notes area in a Reservation, this information will show up in the Trip Notes column on the Dispatch Grid.

If you are not currently set up to use the hover feature, be sure to give it a try. It will save you lots of time and allow easy access to relevant information.

How to Use the Batch Edit Feature

Using technology today can be challenging. With all of the unending updates, it can be difficult to keep up. And navigating through the hidden nooks and crannies that typically control the end-user experience in a given software can feel overwhelming. Most companies don’t have the resources to commit an employee to learning all there is to know about software, let alone hire a dedicated IT person. It is our goal at Limo Anywhere to share information about our most overlooked features and shed light on some simple practices that will increase your productivity and give you a more fulfilling user experience.

In this blog, you’ll learn about the Batch Edit feature, which will help you schedule and make changes more quickly.

To activate the Batch Update feature, first go to the Dispatch Grid (click on the Dispatch Icon – Red Car).

How to Use the Batch Edit Feature

Next, click on the first of three blue links located at the top of the grid, called Grid Setup. This will open a window where you will be able to adjust many different features and settings for the Dispatch Grid.

How to Use the Batch Edit Feature

For now, go to the tab titled My Prefs.

How to Use the Batch Edit Feature

Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see that the second to the last option is Enable Batch Update. Set the drop-down menu to Yes. Click the button at the very bottom of the window that reads, Update Dispatch Grid Fields. Close out of the window in the upper right.

How to Use the Batch Edit Feature

You will now see a new column at the far left on your Dispatch Grid, with a small checkbox available for each trip listed. You may now select several trips at a time and quickly adjust Status, Vehicle Type, Driver, or Car.

How to Use the Batch Edit Feature

Imagine that one of your drivers has called out of work sick. You could select all of those trips assigned to that driver and make one change (change the status to unassigned until you find a replacement) and then click on Batch Update Trips. Or if you had a car unexpectedly go out of service, first sort your grid by car, select all trips having that assigned car and quickly choose a replacement using this feature.

How to Use the Batch Edit Feature

For scheduling, move drivers and cars around until you are comfortable with all of your assignments. Then, when ready, use the very top checkbox in the Title Row of the Dispatch Grid to select ALL trips within the grid. Easily set the status to Dispatched (or Assigned, depending on your company terminology), click on Batch Update Trips, and watch as all of your trips are sent out to drivers. Voila!

Limo Anywhere Acquired by Marcou Transportation Group

We’re excited to announce that Limo Anywhere has been acquired by Marcou Transportation Group.

As the limousine industry has changed in recent years, Limo Anywhere has focused on advancing, modernizing, and extending our core product, while continually looking for opportunities to partner with large brands to improve our value proposition and favorably position you, our customer, within a rapidly evolving industry landscape.

Marcou Transportation Group owns many of the most successful brands in ground transportation, including Boston Coach, Dav El, and GroundLink. We believe Marcou is a perfectly suited partner to Limo Anywhere and our customers, and believe their deep industry expertise will be a significant asset as we continue to develop the Limo Anywhere product portfolio.

Under Marcou ownership, Limo Anywhere will continue to operate as a standalone service. However, this acquisition will also allow us to more aggressively execute on bringing industry-leading technology and service to you, our customers, while expanding our integration and capabilities set with many of the flagship Marcou brands.

Our team is available via phone and e-mail to answer any questions and discuss this exciting development further. We hope you’re as excited as we are for the future of Limo Anywhere!


Automate Limo Anywhere tasks using Zapier

Nearly a year ago, the team at Limo Anywhere began looking for a solution to our most intractable problem: how do we help reduce friction between the multiple software solutions used by larger Limo Anywhere customers? The most obvious manifestation of this problem is with our high demand for a QuickBooks integration, but we have found a much bigger set of needs: it affects all facets of ride and account management, including the “big three” custom needs of CRM, accounting, and reporting needs.

In 2015, the team discovered Zapier, a task automation platform that allows software applications to talk to each other seamlessly. With our Zapier integration, Limo Anywhere can connect to literally hundreds of popular software applications, including popular names such as QuickBooks, SalesForce, Facebook, and MailChimp. And as of December 15th, Limo Anywhere is an officially approved Zapier integration partner!

What can you do with Zapier?

Currently, there are three “triggers” in Limo Anywhere which automatically can prompt an “action” in any Zapier-connected software application. The “triggers” are 1) creating a reservation in Limo Anywhere, 2) creating a quote in Limo Anywhere, and 3) creating an account in Limo Anywhere. The integration allows these triggers to automatically prompt the same action to be taken in a partner application. See below for examples:

  1. Any new account created in Limo Anywhere can automatically create an account in MailChimp
  2. Any reservation created in Limo Anywhere can automatically create a new record in Zoho for reporting purposes
  3. Any quote created in Limo Anwhere can automatically create a lead in SalesForce

For more information on configuring and setting up Zapier, see our help documentation, and make sure to check out some of the pre-made Zaps and more information on Zapier here.

Can I see an example of how Zapier works?

Get started with Limo Anywhere automation by trying one of these pre-made examples today!

What’s coming with Zapier?

We intend to aggressively build upon this initial integration, adding a full suite of “triggers” for the entire ride management and account management life cycles, with the hopes of completely eliminating manual entry for Zapier-connected applications.

We hope you give Zapier a shot! We believe this platform is “the future” for Limo Anywhere customers, and hope all of our users take full advantage of this awesome functionality.