Client Spotlight: Adam Shonting – Exec. Transportation of Nashville

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 Adam Shonting Exec Trans of Nashville

 Adam Shonting – Executive Transportation of Nashville

Adam started his company in 2016 and hasn’t looked back since! Before opening Executive Transportation, he was the General Manager of a Humane Society. He saw that the ground transportation industry in Tennessee was booming, and he dove in head first.

Though he is still a small operator, he has strategically developed a network of other single-driver operators that he trusts to provide the same level of care as he does, and they now operate as friends and local affiliates, which allows them to call on each other to share vehicles and work. Executive Transportation is based in Nashville and services all of Central Tennessee, Southern Kentucky, and Northern Alabama.

With Tennessee’s tourism booming, ET of Nashville caters to a lot of retail customers as well as some corporate. Looking to the future, Adam would love to expand the affiliate work they do. “Any clients that affiliates send my way will receive true Southern hospitality. All of our drivers are from the area and know it well, they know the history, they know all the best places to go and things to do, and they know the easiest and most efficient ways to get where they need to go. I personally ensure that our affiliates are represented well and that any client who comes into contact with our company feels like a true VIP,” says Adam.

What Adam loves most about Nashville is the music. Seven days a week, you can find concerts or live music pretty much anywhere you go. Officials shut down Broadway (the main street though downtown) several times a year to host events, concerts, and festivals. It’s a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.

Adam has been with Limo Anywhere for about 8 months. When he first launched his business, he couldn’t wrap his mind around needing a reservation software. A good friend of his who has been in the industry for many years switched to Limo Anywhere and loved it. Adam took note of all the system capabilities and realized he couldn’t expand his business without it.

Limo Anywhere became an invaluable tool for him. Adam does reservations on his own, and he is able to easily assign trips to his network of drivers from the DA App. He also loves how well Limo Anywhere integrates with his website. The ability to give his customers a real-time price quote has been his most successful tool for growth. He loves that users don’t need to call in, which saves him time, and his clients have raved about how easy it is to make reservations.

When we asked him what advice he could offer to new users, he said, “Take advantage of the set-up sessions! I put it off for the longest time, but Limo Anywhere kept hounding me to schedule my session and I was so thankful for it. I also love the Facebook User Group and the help button that’s right in the software and links you to FAQs. The support is amazing.”

In the next five years. Adam sees his company continuing to grow. He hopes to add to his already-growing fleet, hire office staff, and learn more about Limo Anywhere and how he can use it to grow his business. He’s been taking advantage of the incoming work sent to him from GroundLink as well. He loves that GroundLink is responsible and that there’s such a strong emphasis on Duty of Care for trips sent his way.  It helps him stay on top of his game as an operator for his clients.

Adam, we’re excited to be part of your journey as you take on Nashville and beyond!

Client Spotlight: CTN Global Chauffeured Transportation

Editor’s Note: Client Spotlight is a recurring feature on our blog. In it, you will meet fellow operators, learn about their business, and gain valuable insights into using Limo Anywhere to its fullest capacity.

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Limo Anywhere sat down with CTN Global’s Fred Rich and Jessica Buckles—a father/daughter team!–to get the scoop on their business.

Fred Rich is the President and CEO of CTN Global. Fred is a veteran of the ground transportation industry in Atlanta. He started CTN with a vision: he believes that companies need to find their sweet spot so they don’t lose the personal touch. CTN doesn’t want to be biggest; they want to be best.

Jessica Buckles is CTN’s COO. Fred and Jessica are an excellent team because they know what their strengths are. Fred’s strengths are in marketing, sales, and networking. Jessica’s strengths are operational: running the business, implementing computer systems, and managing people.

About CTN Global

Through their extensive affiliate network, CTN operates locally, nationally and internationally. “CTN” stands for “Chauffeured Transportation Network,” promoting their partners every time they use their name. CTN provides high-end chauffeured ground transportation services throughout all of the major metropolitan areas within the United States and around the globe. Though they are global, their home and local focus is Atlanta and the Southeast.

CTN can handle any program, any size. Fred said, “We’ve handled anything from individual travelers or groups, and our largest event catered to 65,000 people!” CTN employs eight staff members, and their vehicles range from Sedans, SUV, Sprinters, and Executive Vans to Mini Busses and full-sized Coaches. Their biggest asset is their ability to manage programs/events and supply any amount or size vehicles.

CTN and Limo Anywhere

CTN has been a Limo Anywhere client for three years. They love the LA Network and the web-based nature of the software. Jessica notes, “We have tried ALL other major sophisticated booking software, and we can say with true confidence that LA is the best for our needs.”

Limo Anywhere Features

Each department at CTN seems to have its own favorite Limo Anywhere features. Jessica said, “We love how we can add our own statuses to offer an extra level of updates for our affiliates and to track dispatch times. The best part is, we can do it all on our own without calling LA!”

CTN appreciates the time zone features of Limo Anywhere—since they are global, this is crucial because they can send out 48-hour confirmations. They can also code affiliates based on location and send customized texts to chauffeurs.

CTN’s dispatchers love that they can see the entire run without having to click into the individual runs – the customized grid is set up to include information that’s important for them. It all comes down to customization.

Using Limo Anywhere

Jessica advises new LA users to customize it to THEIR business needs. “Play with the system! I bet it can already do what you are wishing it would do,” says Jessica. One time, she was with an affiliate and he said, “I wish LA could turn grid controls on or off.” Jessica said, “It does!” and was able to show him how. She explains, “There are so many features and functions users don’t know about. Take the time to get to know the system. If you think a feature doesn’t exist, post it in the Users Group! Odds are, it does!”








Dallas, TX—March 12, 2018—Limo Anywhere, the industry’s most widely-used software solutions provider for ground transportation operators, has rolled out a series of new products and enhancements to its current portfolio. These additions are part of Limo Anywhere’s commitment to provide best-in-class products for its clients and their customers.

Over the past several months, Limo Anywhere has made good on this commitment through a spate of new releases, a primary example being the recent enhancements made to ORES (Online Reservation Software). The most recent version includes multiple vehicle images, customizable reservations widgets, increased security, and an updated dashboard to give users the best possible experience. In addition, search and reporting capabilities were made more robust.

In March 2018, Limo Anywhere also released two critical apps: LA Mobile, a dispatching/admin app, and Driven Anywhere, a new passenger app tailored for smaller operators who desire a native app solution without the need to build or manage their own independent apps. Both apps are available for Android and iOS users. LA Mobile gives operators the freedom to dispatch on the go: they can manage reservations, assign chauffeurs, monitor trips, and perform searches, all in a convenient app. Driven Anywhere provides a company-branded user experience for passengers who wish to book their own travel. Brandon Edley, Head of Product & Design for Limo Anywhere, explains the vision behind the apps:

We want to make our products as convenient to use as possible. We recognize that in these busy times, many of our clients require flexibility and freedom, and their customers do as well. LA Mobile is fundamentally a new mobile foundation upon which we can build for years to come. Furthermore, our new passenger app solution, Driven Anywhere, provides a simple, low cost, and effective way to enable smaller operators to quickly establish a mobile presence.

Limo Anywhere has big plans for the future as well. LA Mobile and Driven Anywhere will be continuously upgraded with new capabilities. The company is also in the process of re-launching “Custom Apps” for operators who desire to have and promote their own shelf space in the Apple and Android app stores. ORES, the web booking engine, will soon incorporate a major enhancement that will allow online bookers to complete the process in a fraction of the time it currently takes.  Last, Limo Anywhere is investing significantly in a state-of-the-art, next-gen user experience built from the ground up, including a redesigned dispatch screen, enhanced activity logging, and an improved rate building and management process, as well as a brand new reporting and analytics module.

Sean Arena, President of Limo Anywhere, commented on his priorities for the company:

Every day, it is incumbent upon us to continue to push the envelope on what we can deliver for our customers and to consistently deliver on those expectations.  Each year, we make significant investments in new products, enhancements, and infrastructure. It’s this commitment to investment that enables us to accomplish our mission: to be the preeminent technology provider in ground transportation for operators of all shapes and sizes.

# # #

If you would like more information, please contact us at [email protected].

Client Spotlight: Excellence Limousine Service

Editor’s Note: Client Spotlight is a recurring feature on our blog. In it, you will meet fellow operators, learn about their business, and gain valuable insights into using Limo Anywhere to its fullest capacity.

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Excellence Limousine Service is located in Chula Vista, CA. Our management team has 25 years of experience in the industry. We provide high-end ground transportation for San Diego, Imperial, Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties. We also serve Baja California, Mexico, and provide pickups on both sides of the border. Our service extends worldwide through our global network of affiliates.

Company Philosophy    

We have a specific and unique approach to the services we provide our clients. We believe in working collaboratively in a socially responsible way. Our commitment to environmental protections is shown in our attempt to reduce vehicle emissions by adding Teslas to our fleet.

Our approach to customer service is also seen in the chauffeurs we hire. We provide transportation as well as Executive Protection Services on both sides of the US/Mexico border, and many of our clients are VIPs and heads of state. We hire multilingual veterans with security clearances and an average of 10 years’ industry experience as our chauffeurs.

Excellence and Limo Anywhere

Excellence Limousine Services has been a client of Limo Anywhere for one year.

Limo Anywhere Features

We love how easy LA makes it to farm out trips to affiliates. We also benefit greatly from the ability to check status updates.

Using Limo Anywhere

Every department at Excellence Limousine Services, including accounting, reservations, and operations, relies heavily on Limo Anywhere. From operations reports for planning and client acquisition to invoicing by accounting, LA has simplified everyone’s job.

Client Spotlight: Desert Rose Worldwide Transportation

Editor’s Note: Client Spotlight is a recurring feature on our blog. In it, you will meet fellow operators, learn about their business, and gain valuable insights into using Limo Anywhere to its fullest capacity.

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Desert Rose


Desert Rose Worldwide Transportation has been in business and family owned for over 25 years. We are the official ground transportation company for Talking Stick Resort Arena and the Phoenix Suns. We have grown a lot over the last 25 years and currently have more than 25 vehicles, ranging from luxury sedans, vans, limos, sprinters, hearses, mini buses, and our newest 37-passenger Freightliner.

We service all of Arizona and have affiliates in every state. We can even take care of transportation needs outside of the U.S. Whether clients need a transfer to/from the airport or want to book corporate travel/parties, weddings, funerals, dinners, special events, or just a night out on the town, we have it all covered.

Company Philosophy    

We pride ourselves in our superior customer service and “white glove” treatment of our clients. We are committed to offering the right combination of service and value, and we can accommodate almost any request.

Desert Rose and Limo Anywhere

Desert Rose has been a Limo Anywhere client for almost five years.

Limo Anywhere Features

Desert Rose Affiliates Manager Anthony Asaro said, “The feature we like best is the real-time updates on flights coming in early or late, which really helps with making sure we are punctual for all flights and runs.”

Using Limo Anywhere

We love Limo Anywhere! Desert Rose uses the program for all of our booking needs. Our staff relies on LA to run smoothly day in and day out, and they have not been disappointed. We love that LA is in real time, which is so helpful when we are shuffling drivers around last minute to accommodate runs.

Limo Anywhere Tips

Anthony suggests that LA users set up a user-friendly grid designed for YOU to make using the software easier for yourself.

Thanks, Anthony and Desert Rose! We are delighted to hear how enthusiastic you are about Limo Anywhere and its role in your business!

Writing Off Bad Debt May Be Good For Your Limo Anywhere . . . and Your Bottom Line

Sometimes unintended consequences can be a good thing. Recently, Limo Anywhere customers with a high volume of open invoices in their system were affected by a bug. We quickly deployed a fix, but the situation got us thinking about old invoices on a larger scale.

Most of the companies affected by the bug had invoices that were two to five years old. You’d probably agree that the chances of collecting on invoices that old are slim at best. Why not write off those invoices as bad debt? You’ll get them out of your system and improve Limo Anywhere’s operation, and you might be able to write the bad debt off on your taxes. Be sure to consult your tax professional or accountant to determine if this is the right course of action for your business. If it is, here’s how to take care of the old invoices in Limo Anywhere.

  1. Go to My Office>List Management>Payment Methods.
  2. Add the payment method “Bad Debt.”
  3. Go to Receivables and Open Invoices.
  4. Identify the invoice to write off and pay the invoice with the new payment method “Bad Debt.”
  5. After you have processed all of your old invoices, run a Transaction History Report for invoices with the payment method “Bad Debt.”
  6. Send the report to your accountant or tax professional.

What happens if you are able to collect on one of these invoices in the future? Simply reverse the payment and process as usual. Either way, it’s a win/win: your Limo Anywhere will run better, and you may reduce your taxes.

Client Spotlight: Michael Campbell, Grace Limousine & Shuttle

Editor’s Note: Client Spotlight is a recurring feature on our blog. In it, you will meet fellow operators, learn about their business, and gain valuable insights into using Limo Anywhere to its fullest capacity.

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Grace New Logo 5


Grace Limousine & Shuttle was founded in 1990 as a family business. Twenty-eight years later, Grace is still family-run, but it has grown to be the largest chauffeured ground transportation provider in New Hampshire. With nearly 50 vehicles, Grace is one of the larger companies in the United States, specializing in corporate, retail, and shuttle services. Michael Campbell, Grace’s President and CEO, was recently reelected to serve on the National Limousine Association’s Board of Directors, representing the Northeast US! Congratulations on your recent victory, Mike!

Company Philosophy    

Grace Limousine & Shuttle provides the highest standard of ground transportation in New Hampshire, Boston, and nationwide. Our core values of integrity, excellence, luxury, and security are the foundation of every interaction we have with our business, corporate, and leisure clients. Superior value, not lowest cost, is our watchword.

Grace and Limo Anywhere

Grace has been a Limo Anywhere client since October 2013.

Limo Anywhere Features

Heather Campbell, Grace’s Operations Manager, says Limo Anywhere has allowed Grace to become almost paperless. Heather notes, “The biggest difference we’ve seen since adopting Limo Anywhere is the communication between our office staff and our chauffeurs: it’s quiet and seamless.”

Using Limo Anywhere

Mike has been a vocal and supportive client of Limo Anywhere for many years. You can read more about what it was like when Grace first transitioned to Limo Anywhere in this Chauffeur Driven feature.

The reservations team at Grace Limousine and Shuttle regularly uses the Accounts and Reservations areas of LA along with the online system to maintain client and company profiles and create reservations. Our dispatch team relies on the smooth process of swapping work around while keeping the trip sets at maximum efficiency throughout the day. Our finance team depends on on the Payables and Receivables capabilities to keep our books up to date and accurate. The Reporting and Office areas of LA are used regularly by admins, managers, and our Business Development team to maintain accurate views of the health of the company and to make strategic company decisions. Finally, our corporate clients love using the online booking and reporting because of the ease of access to their company profiles.

Limo Anywhere Tips

Heather says that Grace employees LIVE in the dispatch grid view, constantly checking time stamps on the Dispatch Log, checking availability on specialty vehicles, and watching flight updates in real time.

Thanks, Mike and Heather! We are delighted to hear how Limo Anywhere is integrated into all areas of your business!


Client Spotlight: Kristie and Ken Carter, Aadvanced Limousine

Editor’s Note: Client Spotlight is a recurring feature on our blog. In it, you will meet fellow operators, learn about their business, and gain valuable insights into using Limo Anywhere to its fullest capacity.

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Client Spotlight—Aadvanced Limousines


Aadvanced Limousines is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. With a fleet ranging from MKTs and Suburbans to Sprinters, stretch limousines, and mini coaches, Aadvanced has the largest fleet of privately-owned black car service vehicles in the city.

Aadvanced began as a brother/sister team in 2005, starting with just one stretch Lincoln limousine, and now siblings Kristie Carter and Ken Carter have over 30 vehicles and more than 40 employees. They are located in the middle of Indianapolis, but they serve all of Indiana.

Company Philosophy

Aadvanced Limousine attributes its success to three things: reliability, professionalism, and dedication to the client’s experience.

Aadvanced Limousines and Limo Anywhere

Aadvanced has been a Limo Anywhere client since 2011.

Limo Anywhere Features

Not only is Limo Anywhere essential for every position at Aadvanced, it is also very affordable.

Using Limo Anywhere

Kristie Carter notes that everyone in the Aadvanced organization uses Limo Anywhere. While reservationists, dispatchers, and CSRs spend the most time in the software, it’s useful to everyone. Detailers and mechanics rely on the dispatch grid, while managers run reports, follow up with employees and clients, and track quality control in LA. Chauffeurs use a combination of the DriverAnywhere website and app as they go through their day.

Limo Anywhere Tips

Kristie suggests using LA software as it is designed from your initial set-up. Once you truly understand it, you will be able to customize it to your needs and specifications. You can add custom statuses, vehicle types, and service types that fit your business.

Kristie adds that if the software doesn’t do exactly what you want out of the box, there is almost certainly a workaround! If you don’t want to try to figure it out yourself, reach out to your LA representative or contact your colleagues on the Facebook group (

Thank you, Kristie Carter, Ken Carter, and Aadvanced Limousines! We love our Facebook users group and encourage everyone to participate.

Client Spotlight: Mike and Marlo Denning, Elegant Limousines

Editor’s Note: Client Spotlight is a recurring feature on our blog. In it, you will meet fellow operators, learn about their business, and gain valuable insights into using Limo Anywhere to its fullest capacity.

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elegant limousines

Client Spotlight—Elegant Limousines


Elegant Limousines of Daytona Beach, Florida, has been serving north and central Florida–Orlando, Jacksonville, Daytona, and Port Canaveral–since 2006. Starting out as a small, one-car operation, they have now grown to a seven-car, full luxury transportation service. Their fleet includes stretch limousines, stretch SUVs, luxury sedans, SUVs, and Transit High Top Limos.

Company Philosophy

Elegant Limousines is committed to customer service and consistent quality, and that commitment has made them the company of choice for affiliates seeking a professional partner in Daytona Beach. They are grateful for the support of customers and industry partners and will continue to offer the same excellent customer service and luxury vehicles that have made them successful.

Elegant Limousines and Limo Anywhere

Elegant has been a LA client for four months. After years of using the same outdated online booking system, owner Mike Denning was introduced to Limo Anywhere at the LCT show in Las Vegas. Mike was impressed with the LA representative who spent over an hour explaining how the system works and providing options tailored to their business. The integration was expertly managed by LA staff members, and Elegant Limousines intends to remain a customer long term, citing the stellar customer service as an important selling point.

Limo Anywhere Features

Owner Marlo Denning reports that the LA software and app are extremely user friendly and reliable. She also notes that having a code embedded on Elegant’s website helps keep customers there instead of redirecting them to another site. Limo Anywhere’s top-notch customer service does not stop after the software is installed; Marlo calls the support “unbelievable” and says that any issue that arises is resolved right away.

Using Limo Anywhere

At Elegant Limousines, the office staff relies heavily on LA’s reservation system. Chauffeurs use the Driver Anywhere app to update statuses and communicate with customers, affiliates, and office staff. Marlo notes that LA has been a huge asset to Elegant Limousines, particularly in the way they make and receive reservations. She also appreciates the easy-to-follow nature of the Driver Trip Sheet.

Limo Anywhere Tips

Marlo suggests joining the Limo Anywhere Software Group on Facebook for support, suggestions, and helpful tips.

Thank you, Marlo and Mike! Knowing we are an asset to your business is incredibly rewarding.


Client Spotlight: Paula DeBiasi, Chicago CoachWorks

Editor’s Note: Client Spotlight is a recurring feature on our blog. In it, you will meet fellow operators, learn about their business, and gain valuable insights into using Limo Anywhere to its fullest capacity.

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 Chicago Coachworks

Client Spotlight: Chicago CoachWorks


Paula DeBiasi started Chicago CoachWorks in 2009. She calls it a mid-life career change, trading in her Mustang convertible for a brand new stretch limo!

Located ten minutes from the Chicago Loop, CoachWorks is well situated to get to downtown and the airports, including major transportation hub O’Hare Airport, quickly. They serve Chicago, its suburbs, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

Company Philosophy

Chicago CoachWorks considers itself a small operator with a very big heart.

Chicago CoachWorks and Limo Anywhere

When Chicago CoachWorks first opened, they were small enough not to need a software program. When their client base grew, they saw the benefits and started partnering with Limo Anywhere in 2012.

Limo Anywhere Features

Paula explains that as a former IT executive, she was initially won over by LA’s commitment to security, back up, remote storage, and recovery, which are all important with cloud-based software. LA is also very user-friendly, so training staff and chauffeurs has been easy.

Using Limo Anywhere

The team at Chicago CoachWorks relies on Limo Anywhere’s comprehensive capabilities and ease of use. Part-time office staff can work from home using LA, which keeps overhead low.

Limo Anywhere Tips

Paula advises LA affiliates to use the full functionality to track farmed-out trips. In municipalities like Chicago that require drivers to use only hands-free technology, chauffeurs cannot answer their phones while driving. Being able to see statuses online is a huge benefit.

Great advice on using full functionality for affiliate trips, Paula! We are delighted to be a part of your growth.