Client Spotlight: Paula DeBiasi, Chicago CoachWorks

Editor’s Note: Client Spotlight is a recurring feature on our blog. In it, you will meet fellow operators, learn about their business, and gain valuable insights into using Limo Anywhere to its fullest capacity.

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 Chicago Coachworks

Client Spotlight: Chicago CoachWorks


Paula DeBiasi started Chicago CoachWorks in 2009. She calls it a mid-life career change, trading in her Mustang convertible for a brand new stretch limo!

Located ten minutes from the Chicago Loop, CoachWorks is well situated to get to downtown and the airports, including major transportation hub O’Hare Airport, quickly. They serve Chicago, its suburbs, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

Company Philosophy

Chicago CoachWorks considers itself a small operator with a very big heart.

Chicago CoachWorks and Limo Anywhere

When Chicago CoachWorks first opened, they were small enough not to need a software program. When their client base grew, they saw the benefits and started partnering with Limo Anywhere in 2012.

Limo Anywhere Features

Paula explains that as a former IT executive, she was initially won over by LA’s commitment to security, back up, remote storage, and recovery, which are all important with cloud-based software. LA is also very user-friendly, so training staff and chauffeurs has been easy.

Using Limo Anywhere

The team at Chicago CoachWorks relies on Limo Anywhere’s comprehensive capabilities and ease of use. Part-time office staff can work from home using LA, which keeps overhead low.

Limo Anywhere Tips

Paula advises LA affiliates to use the full functionality to track farmed-out trips. In municipalities like Chicago that require drivers to use only hands-free technology, chauffeurs cannot answer their phones while driving. Being able to see statuses online is a huge benefit.

Great advice on using full functionality for affiliate trips, Paula! We are delighted to be a part of your growth.



How to Use the Batch Edit Feature

Using technology today can be challenging. With all of the unending updates, it can be difficult to keep up. And navigating through the hidden nooks and crannies that typically control the end-user experience in a given software can feel overwhelming. Most companies don’t have the resources to commit an employee to learning all there is to know about software, let alone hire a dedicated IT person. It is our goal at Limo Anywhere to share information about our most overlooked features and shed light on some simple practices that will increase your productivity and give you a more fulfilling user experience.

In this blog, you’ll learn about the Batch Edit feature, which will help you schedule and make changes more quickly.

To activate the Batch Update feature, first go to the Dispatch Grid (click on the Dispatch Icon – Red Car).

How to Use the Batch Edit Feature

Next, click on the first of three blue links located at the top of the grid, called Grid Setup. This will open a window where you will be able to adjust many different features and settings for the Dispatch Grid.

How to Use the Batch Edit Feature

For now, go to the tab titled My Prefs.

How to Use the Batch Edit Feature

Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see that the second to the last option is Enable Batch Update. Set the drop-down menu to Yes. Click the button at the very bottom of the window that reads, Update Dispatch Grid Fields. Close out of the window in the upper right.

How to Use the Batch Edit Feature

You will now see a new column at the far left on your Dispatch Grid, with a small checkbox available for each trip listed. You may now select several trips at a time and quickly adjust Status, Vehicle Type, Driver, or Car.

How to Use the Batch Edit Feature

Imagine that one of your drivers has called out of work sick. You could select all of those trips assigned to that driver and make one change (change the status to unassigned until you find a replacement) and then click on Batch Update Trips. Or if you had a car unexpectedly go out of service, first sort your grid by car, select all trips having that assigned car and quickly choose a replacement using this feature.

How to Use the Batch Edit Feature

For scheduling, move drivers and cars around until you are comfortable with all of your assignments. Then, when ready, use the very top checkbox in the Title Row of the Dispatch Grid to select ALL trips within the grid. Easily set the status to Dispatched (or Assigned, depending on your company terminology), click on Batch Update Trips, and watch as all of your trips are sent out to drivers. Voila!